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1991 from Edgar Rockel, Rainer Benthin and Ingo Tabbert

Cutting capacity

300.000 fm roundwood

Number of employees

ca. 180

Operating area

ca. 27 ha

Cutting technology

The variable cutting technology on two saw lines enables us to offer a wide range of products. To produce dimensions up to 40 x 40 cm in lengths from 2,50 m to 12,50 m is no problem for us.

Further technical equipment

Planing mill, drying chambers, channel dryer, cross cut saw, impregnation plant (blue stain protection, boiler pressure impregnation), combined heat and power plant, briquetting, bark screening plant, drying storage halls

Purchasing of roundwood

Due to the excellent qualities of the site, ROBETA obtains the necessary coniferous logs primarily from the sustainably managed growth areas of the region.


Our customers include the timber trade, timber construction and carpentry companies as well as the processing and packaging industry. The delivery area extends
beyond Germany to all of Europe, North America and Asia.