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Energy - Heat and electricity couldn't be cleaner!

Wood briquettes

  • 10kg package with information label (shrink-wrapped in recycling film)
  • 96 pieces per pallet (strapped with stretch film)
  • high calorific value - 5 kWh/kg
  • made from sawmill residues
  • according to DIN EN ISO 17225-3
  • long burning time
  • environmentally friendly - CO2-neutral
  • low ash content
  • without additives

Wood chips

  • sieved
  • without impurities (e.g. bark)
  • Industrial quality for the paper and wood-based materials industry (TMP / MDF) but also for heating plants, riding arenas, horticulture and agriculture
  • natural, without additives
  • drying possible

Green electricity & energy

Heat and electricity could not be more ecological.

The heat generation in our company takes place exclusively through the thermal use of sawmill residues.

(timber drying, sawdust drying and building heating)

Feeding green electricity into the public power grid.

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