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We buy roundwood from sustainable forestry!

Short roundwood

pine, larch / douglas fir, spruce

Long roundwood

pine, larch / douglas fir, spruce

Purchase from forest road

Mediate of all product ranges

(no additional costs for the forest owner)

Regional and sustainable

All regional conifer species

We obtain our selected wood mainly regionally from sustainably managed forests, mainly from the best forest locations in the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region. 

As a certified company, we are committed to the ecological management of our forests.

Therefore we do not use round timber from the following sources.

  • Roundwood from areas where customary or civil rights are not respected
  • Roundwood from endangered forests that are particularly worthy of protection
  • Roundwood from stands consisting of genetically modified trees;
  • Roundwood from illegal felling
  • Roundwood from unauthorised conversions of forest to other uses.

In all dimensions

From thin to thick - from long to short

We process around 300.000 solid cubic meters of domestic round timber in all qualities and dimensions per year. We are happy to accept your offers for pine, larch, douglas fir and spruce. For details, please refer to our endurance criteria.


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